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We believe that organizations exist to serve people, and we are excited to amplify the opportunities that exist at organizations that put humans first.

We aim to guide individuals to economic opportunity by bringing awareness to meaningful roles, and making them more accessible.

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Simply hit the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner, or in the ‘Register’ button in the bottom right corner. Then, once your account is created, to increase your chances of landing a good job, hover over your account in the top right corner -> click ‘Edit Profile’ and fill in basic information like:

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A filled out talent profile is a great way to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your education and experience. You can share it online and download your resume as a PDF.

People aren't going to do their best work because of foosball tables and kegs of kombucha on tap in some fancy office built for adult children. Meaningful work is what makes us thrive, with a supportive team, with work-life balance, and with clearly-defined boundaries. Our five-point survey-based scoring methodology consists of one maximum point assigned to each of the following factors, with a minimum score of 3 out of 5, indicating a baseline of human-centered work culture to be approved.

Flexibility: Flexible work hours and sensible schedules are essential for all types of people. Whether they have newborns,are caregivers to elders, or just like a post-work run, flexibility enables people to work on their own terms, to do their best, most meaningful work. Organizations with a full 40-hour weekly schedule score a half-point, and organizations with a 35-hour or less weekly schedule for FTEs score a full point. Organizations with a 41-45-hour or greater schedule earn zero points, and those 46-hour or greater earn a negative full point.

Professional Development: Opportunities for growth and career development are critical. Organizations with a minimum of $500 available professional development stipend per year score a half-point, and a full point with a $1,500 available stipend per year for professional development, or conversely a full-point for regularly available Workplace Volunteering opportunities (at least yearly). If none of these are available, there will be zero points.

Remote-first or Remote-Friendly: Remote-friendly organizations allow employees to work remotely some of the time, in a hybrid work setting, but still require most of the work to be done in their physical workplace. They consider it a perk or privilege and is the standard in legacy organizations so it scores a half-point in this area. Remote-first organizations, on the other hand, may not even have a physical office presence and expects all work to be done remotely. Most modern startups are remote-first and score a full point in this area. If none of these are available, there will be zero points.

Well-Being: Employee satisfaction and performance are directly tied to their mental health and physical well-being. Organizations who have available resources for well-being, such as physical workout perks score a half-point, and if they also have mental health resources available, or even offer to pay for therapy session(s), they score another half-point here. This can include apps like Calm or Fabulous, for example, or an HR- curated list of resources. If none of these are available, there will be zero points.

Work-life Balance: Good organizations understand that mental energy and human motivation are finite resources. And that their people need rest to recharge their batteries. This means that come five o’clock on Friday, employees won’t get frantic text messages from their managers demanding off-hours, unpaid work for something that can wait until Monday. Organizations that offer a parental leave policy and flexible schedules score a full point. Those that only offer flexible schedules get a half-point. Please stay tuned as we more clearly articulate criteria for what it actually means to be a human-centered Employer, as we are actively in the feedback collection process, and are referencing Best Places to Work, Great Place to Work, and the Gallup Well-Being Index. If you have any questions or feedback to provide, don’t hesitate. Let’s talk.

Yes! Our platform was informed directly by input from leading State, local, and regional workforce development experts, educators, and leaders of organizations involved in workforce innovation and those providing career development guidance services and resources to boost upward mobility in the US so that everyone as the opportunity to earn a living wage.

Let’s talk if you want more information on how we can maximize impact together with a low-cost, custom-branded pilot program. Our low-cost pricing model is a special early adopter offering. It is based on a yearly licensing fee so you incur zero design, software development, hosting, or maintenance costs. In addition to custom content created depending on your pricing tier. See pricing for networks starting at $369 per month. You can also find more information about our platform.

CO.CAREERS is created by 50+ time award-winning, purpose-driven digital agency Key Medium LLC. Initially, this project started in April 2020 as a response to the pandemic which exacerbated the already high unemployment rate. And combined with the phenomenon of the “working poor” (where some work three jobs and are barely able to make ends meet for themselves and their families), especially in the City of Philadelphia, led to its creation because it was an important and nonexistent solution on the market. In just 2 years after mass layoffs at a local government, which canceled our project, we took it upon ourselves to launch the project.

At the end of the day, organizations are more successful when employees aren't overworked. Through flexible benefits and HR policies, such as a four-day work week of 32 hours, 86% of employees from the company Bolt have reported that they more efficient with their time, 87% of managers shared that their team maintained productivity and service levels as needed, and 94% of employees wanted the four-day workweek program to continue.

We refined the vision to be commercially viable and more impactful, and self-funded it two years later to complete it and go to market in public beta as part of ourCoding For Causes program .

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